The Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney

Hiring an attorney can be a daunting, intimidating task. This is mostly attributed to the fact that the price of legal representation for a family law matter can vary greatly depending on the attorney. Moreover, many people wonder if they can avoid this step altogether and represent themselves.

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Legal Expertise

Expertise in any topic is something that takes immense time and commitment to develop. Most people do not assume they can rebuild their transmission and opt instead to take their car to a mechanic. The legal process is hardly any different. Lawyers spend years in school and devote hours to learning the various nuances of a particular area of law.

When you hire a competent attorney, you are in a better position to advance your agenda. Courtroom procedure, the rules of evidence, and civil procedure are involved in every family law case and only a competent attorney will understand these processes in addition to the law.

Moreover, with a competent attorney, you gain objectivity. For example, people get divorced mostly because they cannot agree on issues related to their marriage. How can one assume they will get along with their soon-to-be ex when the added stress of a court case is involved? A good attorney will take the time to explain the benefits of compromising and can discuss trial strategy with their client.

Assistance with Child Custody

A divorce involving children has multiple components. Divorce is the most obvious, but there is also a process related to child custody. As discussed in a previous blog, the court will decide on child custody using the best interest of the child standard. Moreover, each party will submit a parenting plan, which includes among other things, a proposed custody arrangement. Understanding the best interest of the child standard and drafting complex documents are at the very core of a lawyer’s ability and prowess. This process is not well suited for a DIY approach.

You Have an Ally

Divorce and child custody are extremely stressful. Lawyers are often referred to as counselors because we have a duty to carry out the best wishes of our clients as well as counsel them in terms of the emotional side of family matters. A good lawyer will ensure their client remains poised during court proceedings and presents an overall likable appearance. To be frank, this may be the most valuable benefit of hiring an attorney; having someone to talk with during the process.

I, for example, give each client my cell phone number and encourage them to text me with their questions or concerns.


In conclusion, most people understand that they do not know everything. Do not take on the world of divorce and child custody alone, call us today and gain an ally (573) 995-4077

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